Souvenir of hurt.

I have saved, in all these years
every souvenir that you’ve gifted me.
Close to my heart. Safely.
You see, every time I’m standing in front of the mirror, I see them.
They are a part of me now.
I slowly trace them, as if new.
Up on my arms, on my back.
So many that I’ve lost count.
They say, that souvenirs are meant to save memories.
But I swear, I’d trade anything, to loose every souvenir that you’ve given me.
So that night, when you decided to leave me.
Trust me, these souvenirs were the heaviest thing I packed.

//my love for you//

I do not know how to make art, to show my love for you. I do not know what words to use, or about the perfect metaphors or the perfect abstract. I cannot promise the stars to you, or that I’ll never hurt you because you see I’ve not been able to promise that to myself.
But know this, my love for you is like the moonlight you’ll want to dance in. Like hot brownies and hand written poetry. Like warm hugs. Like your favorite chapter in your favorite book. Like dog videos.Warm blankets. Like your perfect coffee. Like journey to home. Laughter. Like the perfect nap. Like random messages that tell you that you are loved. Like everything that comforts you, everything that makes you happy.
My love for you, are not words that you can recite to everyone, instead they are what you’ll want to listen to when you cannot fall asleep.


We lie down, under the open sky
and you are saying something that happened to you the other day, but it is as if all the sounds of the world seem new to me, as if I’m deaf, because I hear nothing.
You hold my hand to tell me that you love me and I smile looking at those twinkling stars right above us as if they are smiling too, knowing that this moment that we have right now, under a million stars will last forever.
As if everything around, is promising me a forever, and I smile as we lie down on the grass beneath the open sky, you holding my hand to tell me that you love me.
Under the open sky.
I’ve been playing the same story in my mind forever now, it’s been so long that it seems that, everything that my mind tells me is true.
But you see I know now, stars are not forever, they come and go with every passing night, betraying dreamers each night, that every story that your mind directs is true.

#poetry #love